RCMP Unlawfully Seized Firearms During 2013 Flood

“The RCMP watchdog says Mounties improperly took guns from flood-stricken homes in Alberta two years ago — seizures that angered High River residents and fostered mistrust of the national police force.
In a report released Thursday, the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission blames the mistakes on poor leadership, lack of guidance and failure to communicate with the public.”

via CBC News – RCMP watchdog raps Mounties over High River gun seizures during 2013 flood.


Umm…check out these links.

‘Ums’ and ‘ers’ help children learn – via NewScientist.com – An interesting study…It seems to indicate that disfluencies in speech have an unexpected benefit.  They help children learn by calling attention to when something important is said.  Saying “like” every other word still makes you sound retarded, though.

Carry Conditions and Firearm Safety – via ITSTactical.com – ITS Tactical is one of my favourite sites that I visit almost every day.  It’s actually a little strange, now that I think of it, that I haven’t linked to more of their articles in the past.  Anyway…check it out.

And last but not least, today there are two posts over at CoolMaterial.com that are particularly, well, cool…
Red Oak Burger Grilling Planks – Because meat cooked outside with fire just tastes better.
Automatic Maratac Pilot Watch – Because sometimes the new hotness comes in a plain package.  Unfortunately they’re sold out already.

With the links out, it’s less dangerous – 2010-11-05

Violent Video Games: Our Responsibility, Not the Courts – via PCMag.com – The bottom line here is that parents have a responsibility to be aware of and control whatever media their children have access to.  This extends beyond video games to movies, music, and TV as well.

Teen suspended for riding horse to school – via Boston.com – Another school official overreacts to an innocent stunt.

How the AK-47 Rewrote the Rules of Modern Warfare – via Wired.com – As firearms go, the AK-47 is one of the most widely recognized in the world.  Here’s an interesting article on it’s history and engineering behind a design that’s been in use for over 50 years.

Foo Fighters Reunite with Butch Vig – via PrefixMag.com – Foo Fighters are making a new record with the help of Butch Vig, who produced the iconic Nirvana album Nevermind.  While it would be nearly impossible to top the success and historical significance of Nevermind, this new record might be so good that it cures cancer.  True story.    –  p.s.  Nevermind is going to be 20 years old in 2011.  I feel fucking old.

Life in the New Linkocracy – 2010-10-21

Creationism lives on in US public schools – via NewScientist.com – Creationism, or “Intelligent Design” as it has more recently been rebranded, has no business being taught in our school systems alongside evolution.  The treatment of creationism as a legitimate scientific theory is an offence to scientific principle.  There is empirical data to back up evolutionary theory.  The collection and interpretation of that data is how the theory was developed in the first place.  There is no such support of “Intelligent Design” anywhere.  What people choose to teach their own children at home is their business, even if it’s hocus-pocus nonsense.  In a school system where other people’s children are being taught the same things only facts and theories that can be backed up with actual science should be taught.

First All-Digital Science Textbook Will Be Free – via Wired.com – This is a fantastic idea that will unfortunately be extremely difficult to get off the ground.  Producing a book of this kind and keeping it up to date will undoubtedly prove to be extremely expensive, so “free” is unlikely to work.  Not to mention the resistance it will encounter from people responsible for choosing textbooks who have been getting kickbacks from publishing companies for years.  I hope this takes off, as it would remove a substantial financial burden from college and university students.  I spent less on the new laptop I bought a couple months ago than I spent on books in one semester when I was in college, and textbook prices don’t go anywhere but up.

Pilot refuses full-body scan, pat-down – via CNN.com – All of the privacy issues aside, folks…he’s a pilot.  If he wants to take over the plane he’s already in the cockpit BEHIND A LOCKED FUCKING DOOR!

How to opt out of the TSA’s naked body scanners at the airport – via NaturalNews.com – This one is not so much a “how to” as it is a description of what happens when you decide not to subject yourself to the backscatter or millimetre wave x-ray machines and go for the “enhanced pat-down” the pilot in the previous article refused.

U.A.E. defends no-marks discipline ruling – via CBC.ca – In the United Arab Emirates, they can build the shit out of some skyscrapers, but their human rights policies are fucking stone age.  Considering it’s possible to break ribs and cause internal bleeding without ever leaving a visible external mark, the concept of being able to beat your wife or children as long as you don’t leave a mark is absurd.

Allow Students to Carry Guns on College Campuses? – via AmericanFreePress.net – “Freedom to be safe and secure is a fundamental human right.  If someone threatens to harm or kill you or your loved ones, you have the right to defend yourself.  Carrying a firearm aides in facilitating this self defence.” said the guy who lives in Canada, where law abiding citizens can only own handguns for target shooting and it is essentially impossible to get a concealed weapon permit.