There’s A Lot More to American Sniper Than Glorification Of War

There’s been some chatter in the media lately about “American Sniper”, the new movie directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper. Complaints about the glorification of war and celebrating a killer really miss the point. To me the movie was much more of an examination of the effects of PTSD and how military service can take a toll on families and destroy lives. There are mixed reports about the character of the real Chris Kyle so I have no idea if the movie is accurate at all but I thought Bradley Cooper did a great job portraying a man torn between his family at home and his brothers-in-arms and struggling with the things he saw and did.

Below is Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio discussing the movie:


Morality and the Apocalinks – 2010-10-19

Morality: Don’t be afraid – science can make us better – via – While I don’t agree with the insinuation made by the author that “economic prosperity” is a suitable moral guide, I do enjoy a good debate on the subject.  “Economic prosperity”, or as it’s better known, “Making a shit-ton of money” is one of the primary causes (if not the main cause) that people abandon morals that would otherwise preclude them from doing something.  I’d like to see more research on the “morality as an evolutionary response” theme mentioned in this article.  Better living through technology, I say!

Popular Facebook apps found to be collecting, selling user info – via – Surprise, surprise!  Most of those “FREE!” apps and games you’ve been using on Facebook have been mining and selling off your personal data.  Unfortunately most people would sell their soul for a free cheeseburger, so I don’t expect many people to care.

Surviving the Apocalypse Hollywood Style – via – Everything I know about surviving the end of the world I learned from movies.  This one breaks it down by sub-genre:  Virus/Nuclear, Natural Disaster, Alien Invasion, Authoritarian Distopia.  For anyone concerned, the Zombie Apocalypse falls under the Virus/Nuclear category.