The Manchurian Linkidate

I found all three of these articles in a span of about five minutes.  News of one shooting is bad enough, but seeing three separate events at almost the same time is just creepy.  What the hell makes people snap and just go start shooting people?

Two California students hurt when man opens fire – via – This asshole decided to shoot at 6 and 7 year old kids.  Luckily he’s not as good a shot as the kid with the pellet gun in the next article.

Boy, 12, charged with assault after pair hit with pellet gun – via – I think this kid and his parents have some issues.  A 12 year old shouldn’t even have access to a pellet gun if not supervised.  Considering he scored head shots on both of the old folks in the story they’re lucky he didn’t have an actual firearm.

Cop arrested in 2-state shooting spree – via – Typically the anti-gun crowd tries to use these kinds of things as proof that ordinary people shouldn’t have access to firearms.  Considering the shooter here was a cop it might not work out in their favour this time around.