DeLINKuency – 2010-10-22

Student, 20, named Mexico police chief – via – I hope I’m wrong, but my crystal ball is telling me that this girl is going to wind up getting herself killed.  The idealism of youth is unfortunately not bulletproof.

Man facing 10 year prison sentence for downloading Simpsons porn – via – Child pornography is disgusting and those who produce and distribute it deserve every friend they make in the prison showers.  That said, since the Simpsons is a cartoon then no actual children were victimized or abused in the production of the images in question.  I don’t understand how this guy could have been prosecuted on child pornography charges, let alone how his lawyer could have allowed him to enter a guilty plea.

Woman stabbed classmate in anger management session – via – You know you shouldn’t laugh, but you also know you want to.  It might be time to fire the person teaching conflict resolution here.

Physicists Discover Universal “Wet-Dog Shake” Rule – via – You can sleep a little easier tonight, one of the greatest scientific mysteries has been solved.  According to this article researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a mathematical model to solve for the ideal frequency of oscillation for a wet dog to shake itself dry.  Who funds this shit?